Heathlands Primary Academy

Here are some of our learners at Heathlands Primary Academy, working hard in class completing their final pieces of work for their Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning qualification.

Wyndcliffe Primary School

Congratulations to our learners over at Wyndcliffe Primary School who have successfully completed their Level 1 Certificate in Personal & Social Development.

Albert Bradbeer Primary

Click this link to see our learners at Albert Bradbeer school receiving their certificates for their Caring for Children Diploma, congratulations to them all. We would also like to say big thank you to Albert Bradbeer school for supporting this course.


Alston Primary School

A big congratulations and well done are in order for these ladies, they have worked really hard and have now progressed onto their Level 1 Personal and Social Development Qualification.

Brookvale Primary School

A big well done to our ladies over at Brookvale Primary School who have completed their Level 1 Diploma in Caring for Children.

Wyndcliffe Primary School

The ladies at Wyndcliffe Primary School in their Level 1 Diploma in Caring for Children.

Slade Road Primary School

This is one of our groups here at Slade Road Primary School in their Supporting Teaching and Learning class taking part in an activity, they are having a small group discussion and co- delivering “what is teamwork, examples of teamwork, the importance and benefits of…Continue Reading »

Westminster Primary School

The ladies at Westminster Primary School in their Level 1 Diploma in Caring for Children class looking at “The benefits of different types of play and supporting Children’s personal, Social and emotional development” the group also discussed the types of play and the benefits of…Continue Reading »

Alston Primary School

Our parents shared a desire to educate themselves but were reluctant to attend colleges and other faculties. They wanted to study in a comfortable familiar environment, where they feel at ease and not judged. As parent link worker I contacted ‘Eagles Consultancy’ who were extremely…Continue Reading »

Manor Park Academy

We have been working with Eagles Consultancy now for over a year. The quality of provision is of a high standard and is pitched at the right level for all our adult learners. Our parents that have signed up to each of the courses have…Continue Reading »

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