Meet Our Learners

Kavittha Suganthan – Stoke Heath School

I found the safeguarding course quite tough, but Lynne was very helpful. Doing the course at home due to lockdown is not the same as working in class. I even got to a stage where I wanted to give up but Lynne persuaded me to keep going and helped me out a lot. She was able to answer all my messages and break things down so I that I had a better understanding of what I was doing.

Thank you so much

Lynne your help was most appreciated

Nazmeen Khan – Slade School

I am very grateful to Eagles Consultancy for giving me a valued opportunity to join a number of their free courses i.e, Caring for Children EL3, LV1, and LV2 Mental Health, LV2 Safeguarding and Prevent.

My tutor, Danny Higginson, has given me extensive support and guidance, he’s advised and presented work in a clear and concise manner.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown, in March, I would like to applaud Danny for agreeing to hand deliver assignments and documents to my doorstep, in order I could continue with my education; this was also appreciated as I had 3 young children with me and could not leave the house.

In addition, Danny gave me step by step support with setting up on-line learning during the lockdown and continued with communication/feedback via WhatsApp and email.

I must admit, during the unprecedented lockdown, it was challenging at times to write up my assignments and to meet deadlines as I had young children to deal with their school home learning and demands. Nevertheless, with the understanding and patience from Danny and Eagles Consultancy Ltd I managed to complete my assignment(s).

I have enjoyed the year learning the various topics delivered and awakening my mind in supporting me with exploring new area/field of job opportunities with the qualifications I have gained with EC.

Finally, I like to thank Danny, sincerely, for his professionalism, his sense of humour and clearly his passion as a trainer/tutor.

Saba Tesfamariam – Bordesley Green HUB

I heard about this course from the staff at my children’s school. When they told me there is a course, I accepted it, because I had the time to fit it in with my children’s school schedule. I have got a lot of benefits from this course like improving my English skills and more confident to look and start a job.

Faroom Bi – Bordesley Green HUB

I have successfully completed my caring for children entry level 3 award. This was a fantastic experience for me as this was the first time I have done a course. My tutor Danny Higginson was instrumental to me, Danny helped me in whatever paperwork, help and knowledge I required to complete my packs. I regard Danny as a brilliant tutor with a great personality.

Hasnaa Bouriz – Bordesley Green HUB

I benefited this year to study a childcare course that was at the required level for me. We were always receiving support from Danny, who gave us information that might benefit us in our study, and despite the circumstances that we went through during the quarantine period, I followed the study online and we have been allocated his time throughout the weeks to receive our questions, and in turn, I thank him for his help!

Fozia Bashir – St Clements School

This year, we have done a range of courses and all of which I have enjoyed completing. It has taught me a lot of stuff like how to work with children and identifying things that could lead to any issues of child in and out of school. Danny has been amazing too! He has helped a lot especially when I don’t understand some part of the work, he has helped me some way or another.

Leila Zougui – Leigh School

I have just completed some courses this year and I am so pleased to have done this with Eagles consultancy ltd. I did English and Maths. The tutor provided us with good materials that helped us accomplish our task packs. I really learned a lot from those two courses that helped me with my 6-year-old daughter’s home-schooling during the 2020 lockdown. Mental Health course! Really, I loved this online course even if I would have preferred to have it face to face with the tutor and the other students and had the materials as a paper based for future references.

Talking about the atmosphere of the class, I can say it was a friendly one, stress less and no pressure, and the discussions were polite and instructive between the students.

Now comes the time to talk about the tutor Danny, you are a great leader. You provided us with the courses materials, you were ready to help whenever I was struggling with my work, you encouraged me and the others to help each other in class, and your valuable feedback helped me to improve my work. A big THANK YOU isn’t enough for all the things you did for us.

Also, I would like to thank Eagles consultancy Ltd and the staff for providing us the courses, say I would like to study again and again with them and that I will recommend it as a course provider to my friends and family .

Samira Talbi – Oasis Hobmoor HUB

My name is Samira Talbi from Oasis Hobmoor HUB. I am a mum of two boys. I completed a digital skills level 1 course in 2019 and then level 2 understanding children and young people’s Mental health. In April 2020, my courses went online due to Covid-19 with our tutor Danny Higginson from Eagles Consultancy Ltd, he was very helpful and patient with us. I like the way he teaches and explained the course and it was very easy to understand. Even during Coronavirus lock down, Danny was still present through email or Whatsapp if we had any queries or needed any support.
Big thank you to our tutor Danny!

Hina Khan – Oasis Hobmoor HUB

The LV1 Caring for children course has been very beneficial and informative and we have learnt a lot about child development, different activities that engage and develop children, safeguarding and health and safety. Overall, this course has given us information about a child’s well-being. Our tutor Danny played a key role. He was very helpful and co-operative and available whenever we had a problem. He was very efficient and gave a quick response when we asked him about a problem. It was only through his support, that I was able to complete my task packs and I’m very thankful to him.

Magdalena – Regents Park School

Participating in this wonderful course (Mental Health) I learned how to deal with children and young people to understand them better.
Thank you very much for the wonderful lectures and help of teacher Sophie, without you I couldn’t do it !!!
I highly recommend it.

Harjinder Kaur – Rookery School

I liked the course a lot. I learnt a lot of things during the safeguarding course. Sophie taught me a lot and helped me in situations where I was clueless. I enjoyed it very much and would recommend to everyone.

Surinder Chauhan – Rookery School

I really liked the safeguarding course and I enjoyed it as well. From this course I learnt lots about safeguarding, it is very important when someone is doing a job with children. I learnt about how to keep children safe from the internet and bullying. How to keep safe personal information and identify. The safeguarding course is very good for me because I work with children and it’s good for my children as well. Now I have lots of knowledge from this course.

Sadia Sharmin – Manor Park School

Safeguarding & Prevent
It’s really appreciated for organising this course. The content of this course is quite useful for our daily life. It’s a wonderful practical course. Very good techniques and resources given. As well as providing slides are quite useful. I absolutely loved to take part in this course.

Latifa Ahmed – Oasis Hobmoor HUB

I just wanted to share a quick note and let’s all to know, it has been my great pleasure to have been your student during the last year throughout the courses I have completed; EL3 Caring for children, LV1 Caring for children, LV1 Digital Skills and LV2 Mental health. With all your patience and understanding that you have given. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kirsty Groves – Level 2 In Teaching Assistant

I have really enjoyed the Level 2 Teaching Assistant course, Danny was a really good tutor who supported us all the way through if we needed help he was always there.

Lynne has been great supporting us with our placement to. I would like to say a big thank you to Eagles Consultancy for helping me gain my level 2.

Rebecca Hoare – Mental Health Course

I am really enjoying the course so far I have found all of it very interesting and I am really looking forward to getting more in depth knowledge during the mental health course.

I would like to do the teaching assistant course also, Danny is always on hand to help if anyone is unsure or struggling with any work.

Samra Kiani – Level 2 In Teaching Assistant

I would like to thank Eagles Consultancy for giving me the chance to do the Teaching Assistant Level 2 course.

It was a big opportunity for me, as I wanted to gain some qualifications that would help me with my confidence and also help me apply for a job that would work around my children’s routine too. When I heard about this course through Tame Valley Academy, I immediately applied for it.

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it, but after passing the entry course, it gave me the confidence I needed. When I heard that Eagles were offering the English and Maths Entry Level 3 courses as well, it gave me the courage, by doing these courses we will be updated with the subjects too, this was helpful for me as I had been out of education for a while.

The teacher Danny Higginson is an excellent teacher, his approach about discussions and tasks is very positive. He gives the learners space and makes things seem easy. He didn’t put any pressure on us throughout the course but kept encouraging us to do our best.

Thank you Eagles Consultancy for giving us this great opportunity.

Rizwana Kauser – Level 3 Maths and English & Level 2 in Supporting Teaching and Learning

I would like to thank Eagles consultancy for providing me with this opportunity to gain my Entry Level 3 Maths and English along with the Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning.

This has given me the chance to gain further education and peruse my future as a T.A, our tutor Danny Higginson was amazing he was a great help through the course and supported me with the work, he was very understanding and supporting.

I would definitely recommend Eagles Consultancy to anyone who is looking to do further education, they are amazing.

Shazia Kausar – Level 1 Diploma in Caring for Children

I have completed the Entry Level 3 Award in Caring for Children, Level 1 Diploma in Caring for Children and Level 1 Certificate in Personal and Social Development.

I’m currently attending the Entry Level 2 maths course. I have benefited from these courses as it has improved my skills it has also built up my self-esteem and team working skills.

Our teacher Danny Higginson is very patient and very helpful, he is always ready to answer all our questions. I would like to attend more courses in the near future with Eagles Consultancy.

Shannon Kelly – Level 2 Certificate in Children & Young People’s Workforce

IMAG0034I have been on the course since the November 2018. The course I am enrolled on is Level 2 Children’s and young people’s workforce, it is based on children and young people growth development, safeguarding, limiting risks in a children’s educational setting, children’s common illnesses, how children and young people learn, risk assessments and policies and procedures in nursery settings.

Currently I’ve learnt a lot of skills, including; communication skills. This is by interacting with the children in the nursery in many ways, I have planned and provided an activity that includes children learning and using their 5 senses. I’ve learnt about children’s growth and development from being born up until 19, how to set up an outside activity while the risk assessment is ongoing, most importantly how to keep children safe from any type of harm or danger which enhances safeguarding in the nursery and how to proceed in a health and safety environment. I am aware of my employment responsibilities and rights in health; social care involving children and young people’s setting.

I have been put down for ASD, I receive extra support to meet my needs in any sort of way, this provides the chance of me getting the best education for me during my qualification. My tutor Lynne supports me by contacting me once a week to see how I’m getting on, allowing me to get in contact with her if I need support with my work, I receive an action plan that explains the practical that I have to prepare for and the work that needs to be completed for the next appointment we have. This is explained thoroughly so that I understand it and can complete it with full understanding.

Zuzana Solcanska – Level 2 childcare

IMAG0034I am really pleased that I successfully completed my Level 2 childcare qualification. The course was very interesting, it gave me a deeper understanding of what it means to work in the nursery with different age groups of children.

I really liked bringing my skills into practice, it was great that my assessor was came to my work place to observe me, the course was a mix of knowledge and practice. When I was doing something wrong, my accessor gave me ideas of how to improve it.

I completed my functional skills in Math’s, English and ICT which helped me improve my knowledge, this will be very helpful for me to use within my role at work with the children. Now that I have completed my Level 2, I decided to move onto my Level 3, completing this successfully is a big goal for me. I am very excited that I will be gaining more knowledge in childcare and especially putting it into practice.

George Cooper – Level 3 Diploma in Supporting the delivery of Physical Education and school sports

IMAG0034During my time on this course I have learnt a vast majority of new skills from safeguarding to how to complete a risk assessment properly.

My course is all about learning the trade of a sports coach. The role I have allows me to teach and learn at the same time which is better than going to college, all the skills I have learnt have been through teaching lessons or from the course.

The course has allowed me to grow as I have had a lot of experience learning on the job, being a sports coach allows me to communicate with new people and learn what it’s like to work in schools and will help me if I choose to further my education. The course has taught me a lot of great and key skills to do with my career and hopefully will put me in the right direction for when I am ready to move on.

The skills I have learnt are all part of my course for example safeguarding/health and safety it has taught me how to deal with problems in and outside of school and how to support or help a child dealing with problems. Thanks to Eagles Consultancy Ltd and Get Sport Active for giving me this opportunity to work in this environment.

Natasha Smith – Level 3 CYPW

IMAG0034I was recommended to Eagles Consultancy LTD by my settings manager. I have previously completed my Level 2 Support in Teaching and Learning in Schools with another Training Provider but was not happy with the support.

Since being with Eagles Consultancy my confidence has grown in all areas especially my Maths functional skills. My Tutor/Assessor Cindy Bailey is always willing to support me no matter what is asked of her.

Akeeb Aksar – Level 3 CYPW

IMAG0033I previously completed my Level 2 Children and Young Peoples Workforce qualification with Eagles Consultancy LTD and I am now 6 months into my Level 3 Children and Young Peoples Workforce.

I am really enjoying the course and I am learning a lot of knowledge and performance. I have had excellent support from my assessor Cindy Bailey and work colleagues. I have been set SMART targets from my assessor and i have completed all work on time.

I have built a fantastic relationship with my assessor Cindy and requested her as my Level 3 assessor which was granted. I would highly recommend Eagles Consultancy LTD.

Catherine Foyle

I feel I am getting on well with my qualification. Everything is explained to me well and if I do have issues I feel I can bring them up and talk through them.

Hayley Lowbridge – Level 3 Customer Service

I am really enjoying my qualification. I have almost completed the course and extremely excited to finish! My tutor has been extremely flexible which really helped with my fast paced working environment.

She has greeted me on each appointment with a friendly face and upmost respect.

I would definitely recommend anyone to complete this course!

Nadia Lacy – Level 3 Customer Service

I am enjoying my course! I find the information provided in my course work from my lecturer to be very helpful and informative. My lecturer Sophie Bridges is friendly, approachable and easy to communicate with.

Charlotte Moore – Level 2 Customer Service

I am currently studying for a qualification in Customer Services Level 2 with Eagles Consultancy.


This course has really emphasised my skills and knowledge of customer service and motivated me to being more conscious in applying this within my job.

It is great to have the opportunity to expand on my qualifications bearing in mind my education days were over 8 years ago. Eagles Consultancy have provided me personally with a laid back approach to gaining an additional qualification that can be achieved at a steady pace alongside my 9 – 5 job.

And what’s more – An additional qualification to be added to my CV!

Kerry Mitchell has been my tutor throughout this course and has been very supportive, adaptable and great fun! Nothing is too much trouble for her, she arranges times to see me that suit my working schedule and even takes the time to come to my office which is very helpful.

I would encourage anybody of all ages to take additional qualifications with this company as it is so beneficial and worth while.

Zikel Notice – Level 3 PE in School Sports

I had a very good and motivating learning experience with Eagles. They supported my overall development and even helped me to achieve a goal of mine which was to pass my L2 Maths qualification. I was given resources to help me and regular one-to-one support when needed. The team are a great team, and made me feel very welcome. Thank you to Eagles for all of their support.

Justine Bryan – Specialist Support in Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3

Justine BryanI have completed my Level 2 Teaching Assistant course with Eagles Consultancy and have now almost finished my Level 3. My experience with Eagles has been a very positive time, the staff are extremely supportive and I would recommend Eagles to anyone looking to complete a diploma.

Bhupinder Bhogal – Specialist Support in Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3

I have really enjoyed doing my Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. All the Eagles staff have been great including functional skills staff. My assessor Evie has been amazing always supporting me through the course and arranging regular appointments. I have highly recommended Eagles to friends who are interested.  Thank you so much for all your help and support.

Joanne Jordan – Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2

Joanne JordanI am currently working to complete m Supporting Teaching and Learning in School (STLS) Level 2 Diploma. I feel really well supported from my functional skills tutors and my Diploma Tutor/Assessor. I would recommend Eagles Consultancy to anyone who would like to develop their knowledge and skills in childcare.

Sandra Bassinder – Playwork Level 3

Sandra BassinderI have just completed my Playwork Level 2 diploma with Eagles Consultancy. I have enjoyed my learning experience at Eagles Consultancy, I have had the most enjoyable experience with Cindy my Tutor and Assessor. I have been given so much help and I am immensely proud of myself but further more Cindy has given me so much support and confidence that I feel I can progress to gain a higher qualification with Eagles to further my career. I have now signed up for the Specialist Support Teaching and Learning in Schools ( SSTLS) level 3 Diploma

I thank Eagles Consultancy for their endless help and encouragement, I would recommend to anyone thinking of doing a diploma or working with children to enrol with Eagles, Highly Recommended!

Jarred Freeman – Specialist Support in Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3

Jarred FreemanI am currently on a Specialist Support in Teaching and Learning in Schools (SSTLS) Level 3 course with Eagles Consultancy Ltd. It took a while for me to get back into the studying frame of mind, however I am now well on task. This course has taught me so much about supporting children and class teachers in all areas of the curriculum and my confidence is building constantly.

Jack Clemons – Physical Education and School Sport Level 3

This experience so far has been very positive. My tutor is always available to contact should I need any help in relation to the tasks. Meetings are regular and everything to do with the course has been explained clearly to me, so I fully understand what I am doing and how to achieve it.

Jody Turford – Physical Education and School Sport Level 3

My tutor has been very positive, plenty of updates and support has been given to me. My tutor is always available to contact if I need information and additional support. I have a good understanding of my course and feel I am progressing well.

Matthew Turner – Physical Education and School Sport Level 3

I feel that the course has been going really well. The work isn’t too hard and any problems I do have, the staff are quick to help. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

Chelsea Madden – Children and Young Peoples Workforce Level 2

My experience with Eagles Consultancy has been very enjoyable and supportive, I have been given the change to fulfil my job as a special needs teacher in the future.

Elisaveta Uzunova – Children and Young People’s Workforce Level 2

Elisaveta Uzunova My name is Eli Uzunova, I am studying a Level 2 in Children and Young People’s Workforce Qualification. I have only been studying for the past 3 months with Eagles Consultancy Ltd. but I am very comfortable with everything I have bene given to do. My assessor makes me feel comfortable and stress free about the work. I am very interested in education and learning, I love working with children and studying

Michaela Moloney – Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3

Michaela Moloney My name is Michaela Moloney, I am currently doing my SSTL Level 3 Qualification with Eagles Consultancy. They have been fantastic! The staff are friendly and supportive. I feel confident in my course and know my assessor is always happy to help.

Roberta Bellisario – Supporting the Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2

I started working full time as a Teaching Assistant 1 last January; my first experience, apart from some volunteer work at my children’s school.
I met Eagles Consultancy through a friend of mine and I decided to start the “Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools” level 2.
At Eagles Tutors and Teachers help and support me; we are in contact by emails, texts, I regularly go to Sutton Coldfield and they come to my workplace.
It’s not easy with a full time job and a family, but, with the help of the staff and the resources they provide, I’m sure I’ll reach my goal. I’ve already recommended Eagles to my friends, as I know that they’d be in good hands.

Ravi Jassi – Activity Leadership Level 2

Hello my name is Ravi Jassi and I am currently studying towards my Level 2 in Activity Leadership. I started my qualification in October 2013 and I am really enjoying it both the coursework and practical activities that I do for my course and through my employment. I have grown as an individual and have gained valuable experience that I can use in everyday life. My tutor Chris Cousins is very helpful, supportive and has taught me a lot since I started with Eagles Consultancy last year.

Faizah Khan – Children and Young People’s Workforce Level 2

Since starting the course I have really enjoyed myself and have increased my knowledge too on the subject. I have received great support from my assessor when I have needed it. I would really recommend this course to whoever would like to do childcare with Eagles Consultancy as they are fabulous.

Emma Clarke – Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2

My friend recommended Eagles Consultancy to me. I spoke to Loren who talked me through the course…supporting teaching & learning and I was on that course in less than a week. I now have less than 4 units left and I am delighted with the support I get from Natalie when she comes and visits me at my placement. She always gives me good feedback to enhance my leaning. I am also doing my functional skills in Maths & English and I am really impressed with the one to one tuition I get from Debbie & Loren. I have learnt so much from both of them and will be sitting my exams in the summer! I would definitely recommend Eagles. As a mother to 3 young children Eagles have let me learn at my own pace and have been incredibly supportive!!

Janet Bowen – Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2

My name is Janet Bowen and I worked for HSBC bank for 20 years. Through the bank I took part in many community days across different schools in the Birmingham area which I enjoyed very much. I was made redundant in October 2013 and I decided to change my career to work with children. I was recommended by a friend to approach Eagles Consultancy for advice and guidance about how I could go about what course I needed to complete to fulfil my next career move. I have been working at Banners Gate School since November 2013 and once I have finished my level 2 I will definitely be looking to complete my level 3 qualification. I have enjoyed this experience immensely and would have no hesitation at recommending Eagles Consultancy Ltd to anybody else.

Seema Punn – Level 2 Children and Young people’s Workforce

Eagles Consultancy Ltd is a wonderful training provider and all staff are very nice and supportive. This is my second qualification with Eagles Consultancy I have already completed the Level 2 Playwork qualification and I am now studying Level 2 Childcare. Through these courses I feel more confident and independent and really enjoy my work at Gilbertstone Primary School. All of the credit goes to Eagles Consultancy and the staff, Thanks to you all.

Deb Tustin – Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning is School

To say I was apprehensive about doing this course at 55 was an understatement. But right from meeting Charlotte for the first time when she signed me up and then Evie for my first appointment, I was immediately put at ease and reassured that I could do it! I was given the units to do at a steady pace and after I had completed the first one, I was already looking forward to doing the next! Evie gave me lots of encouragement and support and was so accommodating when it came to appointments, it all went smoothly and before I knew it, it was over! I have thoroughly enjoyed my course and having worked in a school , voluntary and then part time – have learnt a lot along the way.
Would I do it again? – absolutely!
Thank you Evie, and all at Eagles! I wish you continued success.

Ryan Blackwood – Level 3 Sports Development

Hello my name is Ryan Blackwood and have been doing a Level 3 apprenticeship in Sports Development since November 2013. I work at GOALS in Birmingham doing various roles from assisting the management team to being a referee at corporate tournaments along with many other duties. I am really enjoying the course and it has helped me a great deal with my current employment. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly and I would recommend Eagles Consultancy Ltd to anyone looking to do a sports apprenticeship.

Umar Bhayat – Level 3 Sports Development

Hi I am Umar Bhayat and I am currently doing Level 3 Sport’s Development apprenticeship alongside Eagles Consultancy Ltd. In November 2013 I was approached by the Eagles Team to do an apprenticeship through my place of work GOALS in Birmingham. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout the duration of the course and I feel I am excelling in the GOALS organisation. I am now based across two sites across the Birmingham area. If you are interested in Sports or any leisure activity and would like to gain qualifications in this area I would recommend Eagles Consultancy Ltd.

Seema Punn – Playwork level 2 and Children and Young People’s Workforce Level 2

I am very happy and satisfied with my work. I always try my best with my work.

Jayne Burrows – Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2

I have worked at St Thomas More for the past five years. I currently support children in foundation and in the afternoon I work with year 3. I am really enjoying my role and find working with the children brilliant.

Hayley Brooks – Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2

I have been working at Claverdon School since January 2012. I started as a parent helper before becoming a Teaching Assistant in Year 1. Doing the TA level 2 course really helped me gain confidence in making the transition from parent to a member of teaching staff. It’s a job which is busy but very rewarding, and no two are the same!

Sarah Draper – Children and Young People’s Workforce Level 3

I have been working at Sandcastles as an apprentice since July 2012. I am enjoying my time here and learning a lot from my work role.

Joshua Phillips – Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning In Schools Level 3

I have been in my role at James Brindley School since September 2012. My experience as a Teaching Assistant to the year 11’s has been very enjoyable as well as challenging. My highlight from working at James Brindley has been the first hand work I have produced in securing all of my class members a position in further education.

Amanda Paxton – Children and Young People’s Workforce Level 3

I am 37 years old and a full time Mum to my 10 year old son who has Alagille Syndrome. I decided I wanted to try and open a special needs play centre in my home town but needed a qualification to do this.

I began volunteering at New Hope Worcester and enrolled on the CYPW Level 3 course through Eagles. Volunteering at New Hope has given me the opportunity to gain experience of children with varying needs and disabilities. It has also given me the confidence to believe in my ambitions and with the help of Jean Wilson (Founder & Manager of New Hope), we are working towards opening a New Hope in Droitwich.

I was anxious about the CYPW course to begin with as I was unsure how I would cope with the study after years away from education!

I am relieved to report that the course is great and my assessor has been most supportive! The course is at a pace I can realistically follow and I am grateful that my assessor has been approachable, understanding and sympathetic to my needs! I have found that I am able to juggle home life with the course and volunteering and actually feel like I have a new lease of life – doing something that I really enjoy!

Samantha Holmes – Children and Young People’s Workforce Level 2

I have found my CYPW level 2 course really interesting and have found it very useful in developing my practice as a support worker with children. It’s a clear and straight forward course which is a huge stepping stone in helping me achieve my future career as a primary school teacher!

Rachel Troth – Children and Young People’s Workforce Level 2

I am doing the Children and Young People’s Workforce Level 2 with Eagles Consultancy. I would like to go to university to study midwifery.

Although I have just started my course, I have had lots of support from my assessor and was told all of the information I needed to know about the course at my introductory meeting. I am currently working at New Hope which is a charity that provides respite for families who have children with special needs or disabilities. My role there is to support the children and to make sure that they are happy and safe whilst at New Hope and that they enjoy themselves.

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