Eagles Consultancy Ltd Privacy Notice

This privacy notice, will inform you of how Eagles Consultancy Ltd, will process, store, and share personal data that we hold for you.

Eagles Consultancy Ltd, are required to gather personal data about you, in line with statutory and regulatory requirements, as a training provider. We have an obligation to inform you, of our legitimate reasons for this and to identify how we meet data protection requirements.

The categories of information that we collect, store and share include;

  • Personal information such as name, address, date of birth, national insurance number.
  • Characteristics such as gender, first language, nationality, country of birth.
  • Educational information such as predicted grades, achieved grades, learning support needs.
  • Eligibility criteria for the course such as household information, income and benefits. This will help determine your funding eligibility for the course you have applied for.
  • Photos and images.
  • Special category data and sensitive data such as, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disabilities, medical conditions, criminal convictions, safeguarding and vulnerable information.

This information is gathered and shared to support health, well-being and individual needs. You may also need a DBS check, as part of the requirement for your course. Eagles Consultancy Ltd and yourself may, need to share the findings with relevant organisations to meet requirements of statutory bodies, to continue with your chosen course. We will not share any sensitive data with any third-party organisation, if there is no legal obligation to do so.

Your data and what Eagles Consultancy Ltd will do with it.

All data will be gathered for lawful and legitimate reasons, it will be shared with our data controllers, government bodies, including Department for Education (DFE), Education and Skills Funding Agency, (ESFA) and European Social Fund, (ESF) as part of the requirements for your training. Eagles Consultancy Ltd will use this data to meet quality regimes, research and internal development systems.

Eagles Consultancy Ltd, may need to share your information with other third-party organisations, this will be for legitimate reasons, including to deal with data on our behalf, or to support health and well-being. In the event of sharing information with our partners and other such organisations they will required to meet data protection regulation to store and use your data. We will not share your data with any third-party organisations for marketing purposes, or transfer data to any country outside of the European Economic Area, without your consent to do so. Eagles Consultancy Ltd, may contact you while you undertake a course with us, or after, to obtain information and feedback that can assist us in our service delivery and manage future development.

Most of the information that we retain for you, will have been provided by yourself, through the completion of an enrolment form. We may be required to collect further data about you from other organisations, these may include, Personal Learning Record services to gather information about prior education and qualifications. All information gathered will be done so in line with statutory requirements. Any information that we hold is required to be accurate, any change in information or incorrect information must be updated to meet regulatory requirements, we have a legal responsibility to share this data with statutory organisations. Incorrect data will be destroyed securely.

The personal data retained on the premises of Eagles Consultancy Ltd, will be stored and shared internally, in line with safe working practices and data protection requirements. We will provide secure storage systems for paper and electronic data, along with strict policies outlining how we endeavour to protect any information of personal and sensitive content that we hold. In the event of, any personal data breach such as, accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, unauthorised disclosure of information, Eagles Consultancy Ltd, will follow company procedure and inform you of this.

How long will Eagles Consultancy Ltd keep your information for?

Eagles Consultancy Ltd will not retain any data that we have collected and processed about you, for any longer than the legally required period. This means under ESFA and ESF regulation, we will hold current data until 2030. Other data that we have obtained, other than for regulatory requirements, for example marketing and research will be destroyed securely, once it is no longer needed within the organisation.

Can Eagles Consultancy Ltd, show me what information they hold for me?

Your right to access, you can request a copy of any data that we retain, the main source of the data we have collected will be yourself. Requests must be in writing, to the data protection officer, we will comply with your request within 20 working days.

I don’t want Eagles Consultancy Ltd to share my data.

If you want to withdraw consent, for Eagles Consultancy Ltd to use your data, you need to contact the data protection officer, this will be adhered to as long as it is not being used in line with legal and statutory requirements.

I am not happy and would like to make a complaint.

If you are not happy with the way Eagles Consultancy Ltd have handled your data, or feel that there has been a personal data breach, you can make a formal complaint to the data protection officer. This must be in writing, and a response will be provided within 20 working days. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you can contact the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) by using their website or telephone.

Who see’s and processes my data?

  • Data controller is the person or organisation who determines, the purposes for which the personal data that has been gathered are to be processed.
  • Data processor is the person or organisation who processes the information on behalf of the data controller
  • Data protection officer is the person responsible within an organisation for overseeing the data protection strategy and implementation, in line with the general data protection regulation.

Data Controllers

Heart of Worcestershire College
Osprey House
Albert Street
B97 4DE
Web: www.howcollege.ac.uk
Email: dataprotection@howcollege.ac.uk

Data Processor/Data protection officer

Eagles Consultancy Ltd, First Floor, Unit 5B The Courtyard, Reddicap Trading Estate, Sutton Coldfield, B75 7BU
Web: www.eaglesconsultancy.co.uk, Email: charlotte@eaglesconsultancy.co.uk

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