About Us

About Us

Eagles Consultancy Ltd was established in 2005 by Claire Eagles. After many years of experience working across Further Education in the West Midlands, Claire Eagles has gained the knowledge and expertise, to build the team and training consultancy that it is today.

Eagles Consultancy Ltd.’s vision is to create an accessible service, that offers a wide range of opportunities, whilst removing barriers to learning.

Through our network, we can offer a range of adult learning courses across different sectors and awarding organisations. We have created a service that is accessible to individuals and provides opportunities to progress and develop, whilst meeting a range of diverse needs within communities.

Our approach to learning has enabled us to deliver both a flexible and reliable service that provides opportunities for learning and development. We do this whilst supporting local needs and national priorities.

As an organisation, we pride ourselves on offering a unique learning experience, where our learners are valued and encouraged to learn and grow. We envisage that our courses will provide learners with the skills for transition into work, progress within in their chosen sector or to access further learning. Our collaborative approach to learning helps us to build strong partnerships with our learners.

It is important to us at Eagles Consultancy that our learners are given the recognition they deserve.

We believe that

“Life is a journey to a new beginning; you can make the change and we are here to help”


Our Aims

  • To ensure the learners are at the centre of our decisions throughout planning and learning programmes have been created with progression and development in mind
  • To deliver a high-quality service to the learners that enhances their chosen industry knowledge.
  • To provide equal opportunities and commitment to the principle of equality in accordance with legislative provisions.
  • Embed a system that allows us to engage with the learners to identify and set targets, whilst monitoring outcomes in relation to participation, retention, learner progression and destination.
  • Create an environment, where all staff members are valued, provided, with support and guidance to meet desired outcomes, working in partnership to achieve this.
  • To provide a learning environment, where the learners deepen knowledge of different aspects of life, including being responsible and informed citizens.
  • Evaluation of our provision to support continuous development, maintain quality standards and sustain worthwhile programmes of learning for all.
  • To meet our safeguarding responsibilities and provide a learning environment where all learners feel safe and protected including; health and safety and their mental health and wellbeing.

Eagles Consultancy Ltd will provide a high-quality service to the learner, employer and venues which are used for delivery. Our learning programmes will meet the needs of our service users and follow ethical working practices.

The programmes we offer, can be used as a foundation for further learning or transition into the work environment in line with local and national priorities.


Mission Statement

Our mission at Eagles Consultancy Ltd is to develop young people and adults with active and creative minds with a sense of understanding and compassion for learning and to enrich the environment they work within. We strive to instill thoughtfulness and humanity within others.

To this end, we have provided an environment that is engaging and responsive to each young person and adult.

To find out more please call us on 0121 329 3222.


Our Values

  • Commitment to innovation and excellence
  • Passionate and sustained service delivery
  • Diverse and Inclusive
  • Fostering client and community relationships
  • Self-improvement

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