What moments that we spent at Waverley School completing all our courses in Childcare and Mental Health course. It was brilliant, courses with wonderful, helpful and hard working teacher called Sophie. I appreciate the course and it was fantastic for me. They helped me to gain more knowledge about how to play with children, providing safe environments and learn abouts hazards. I can understand what mental health is, the causes of mental health and how to help people with mental health illness. Eagle Consultancy is a good choice to do course with such outstanding centre with qualified teacher. l truly appreciated the course and l recommend people to do the course. I can add that the course is very important for parents, it makes big different for their life. They can improve their knowledge and it helps them in their career and find a job. Thank you Waverley, thank you Sophie for your support and a big thanks for Mrs Khatun for her huge work to make sure the course runs in good condition.