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This course is not government funded, for information about the cost please call our office

This qualification will typically take 10-12 weeks to complete.

To achieve this qualification the learner will be required to complete 6 mandatory units.

The purpose of this qualification is to support learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of autism. It has been designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of autism and the different principles and approaches used to support individuals with autism. Once completed it will support those who wish to progress into employment in a range of different sectors as well as progression on to other appropriate qualifications.

The qualification aims to inform learners of how to provide appropriate care and support for individuals with autism, including having an awareness of the current legislative framework. The learner will compare different theoretical approaches and look at how these have developed over time. Further learning will be embedded about how to manage and support transitions for individuals with autism, along with the different types of interventions that are available to support autism.

The awarding organisation for this qualification is Cache and the qualification specification will be developed and delivered in line with the Department of Health Adult Autism Strategy. “We will also use the term ‘autism’ as an umbrella term for all autistic spectrum conditions, including Asperger syndrome”. (Cache website)

Evidence produced for the qualification will be internally assessed by your assigned course tutor.

This course can be delivered using a blended learning approach. This will give you flexibility to direct your own online learning. You will be assigned a tutor to provide support and guidance including face to face if desired. As well as having access to resources and collaboration tools to assist your learning.