I have just completed some courses this year and I am so pleased to have done this with Eagles consultancy ltd. I did English and Maths. The tutor provided us with good materials that helped us accomplish our task packs. I really learned a lot from those two courses that helped me with my 6-year-old daughter’s home-schooling during the 2020 lockdown. Mental Health course! Really, I loved this online course even if I would have preferred to have it face to face with the tutor and the other students and had the materials as a paper based for future references.

Talking about the atmosphere of the class, I can say it was a friendly one, stress less and no pressure, and the discussions were polite and instructive between the students.

Now comes the time to talk about the tutor Danny, you are a great leader. You provided us with the courses materials, you were ready to help whenever I was struggling with my work, you encouraged me and the others to help each other in class, and your valuable feedback helped me to improve my work. A big THANK YOU isn’t enough for all the things you did for us.

Also, I would like to thank Eagles consultancy Ltd and the staff for providing us the courses, say I would like to study again and again with them and that I will recommend it as a course provider to my friends and family .