I have studied with Eagles Consultancy since 2019 and I am still completing courses with them now in 2021. I initially did my maths & English courses with Eagles and found out they have so many more courses to offer. During my time with Eagles Consultancy, Sophie Bridges has been my tutor and thanks to her I have completed over 6 courses with the consultancy and have mass amounts of gratitude towards her.

Sophie simplifies information if you do not understand the context and supports you throughout your learning to get the best results, in the best way possible. She has accommodated to each individual student’s needs, as we all learn in different ways and she worked with a diverse range of students, some who do not have English as their first language but have passed their courses with flying colours due to her teaching.

Throughout lockdown none of us fell behind on our courses or gave up due to Sophie being our rock and very understanding through lockdown. I would highly recommend Eagles to anyone who wishes to learn and may even have young children, as you will always be accommodated towards.