I have completed the Level 2 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care with Eagles Consultancy. My favourite unit was communication and nutrition. I have learned different was of communicating and how we can make communication more effective and fulfilling for the needs of individuals.  

From this course, I have gained knowledge and developed new skills with the support of our lovely teacher Sophie. She has explained the lessons very well in the classroom and carried out discussions to provide us with the opportunity to take part. These have helped us to develop social skills and make new friends.  

I have come out of my comfort zone and learned how to manage my time and be punctual. My aim was to join this course for higher education, but this course has opened a door for me to work in a school after an 11-year employment break. I have gained confidence to step int my working career.  

I would love to carry on studying with Eagles Consultancy for further education. Thank you very much for providing opportunities to study in a safe and convenient environment.