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This is a class based qualification

This qualification will typically take 14-16 weeks to complete depending prior learning and knowledge.

An initial assessment will take place prior to enrolment to determine what level will be best suited.

The purpose of these qualifications is for learners to develop an understanding of the underpinning skills and basics of mathematical skills in line with the desired level. Learners will focus on the ability to apply mathematical thinking and problem solving in familiar situations. The qualifications are suitable for a wide range of individuals and are fundamental to the successful completion of various wider qualifications and frameworks, such as Foundation Learning.

This qualification will support the learner to apply functional skills and apply them to a range of formal and informal contexts, in the workplace and in real life.

Learners can progress to higher level functional skills and other areas of learning.

For entry level 1,2,3 learners are required to completed internal assessments.

For Level 1, learners are required to complete an external assessment.

Grading for these qualifications are pass or fail.

A qualified course tutor would support delivery of this qualification.

For this qualification you are required to attend classroom learning. You will also have access to a range of resources and collaborations tools to assist your learning.