Here we have some encouraging feedback from a small selection of learners and schools we are engaged with. We hope you enjoy reading about their experience with us.

Colebourne Primary School

Our learners at Colebourne Primary School working hard on their Understanding Children & Young People’s Mental Health qualification.

Safina Bi

This course has been very informative and eye opening. It has made me appreciate the stress and pressure modern day children are under. The things I have learnt on this course will help me on a personal and professional level. One key thing I have learned is that children’s behaviour is driven by underlying reasons and it is important to understand and appreciate the root cause. Martin our Tutor was fantastic at his role and made coming to the course a pleasure.

Asiya Perveen

I am very pleased that I was able to do the Children & Young People’s Mental Health course.

The course itself is very beneficial as you are gaining new knowledge about children & young people’s mental health.

This course has helped me a lot and I am starting to have a better idea and understanding, the thought of having homework to do was quite frightening for me as it has been so long since leaving full time education. We receive lots of encouragement and information for useful websites from our tutor Martin.

I managed to do my homework and enjoy it at the same time, I felt doing homework gave me a better understanding of the course as you are doing more research yourself.

I have gained confidence by writing, studying and sharing ideas with my peers in group discussions.

Ishrat Azam

This course has helped me learn that there are a lot of different aspects of mental health that I did not understand, I have learnt that the behaviours and actions of people can be interpreted in many different ways. I am enjoying this course and I am learning a lot from it. I look forward to doing more courses and learning even more about different things.

My tutor Martin is doing a fantastic job, he is very helpful and encourages us all to help each other and learn to the best of our abilities. I am glad I took part in this course as it has helped me have a better understanding of people with mental health issues.

Nafisa Hussain

I am enjoying the mental health course that I am studying. This course has helped me with learning new knowledge about mental health as an illness and how to recognise signs and symptoms someone may demonstrate when often battling poor metal health, especially in young children and adults.
I feel proud to know and understand the units in which I have learnt so far. I am very pleased that I have Martin as my tutor, who helps me step by step.
I have enjoyed my time on this course so far, because I am now able to apply what I have learnt in class with my children at home and as a lunch time supervisor at my school.

Heathlands Primary Academy

Our learners at Heathland Primary Academy attending their Supporting teaching and learning qualification. The learners are working together to identify the different types of schools in the education sector.

Warren Farm Primary School

A group task showing learners from Warren Farm Primary looking at risk factors that can impact on Mental Health, the learners have worked very hard across this qualification.

Wyndcliffe Primary School

Course : Teaching Assistant Level 2

Zohra Elfarsi

I am enjoying the course so far. I have learnt loads of different topics such as policies and procedures and the meaning of different types of schools. I am finding this course helpful, Sophie my tutor is very good and makes us feel comfortable. I find homework good as it keeps the mind active while not in class.

Zarqa Khan

I have started the TA course because I have always been interested in working with children. The opportunity arose when the school where my children attended, started a course.  The course is very interesting. The teacher Sophie Bridges is really nice, she helps us understand the work, and helps us one on one as well. I have learnt how to deal with children in different circumstances and the different policies and procedures schools have.

Syeda Jakia Begum

I started the level 2 TA course with Sophie, so far I have absolutely loved every lesson. She is a brilliant teacher with a lot of patience.  So far, I have learnt about child development and school policies and procedures and I have enjoyed in very much. I am finding the course steady and enjoying the pace that I am learning at, everything so far is brilliant, and I leave my class feeling happy and proud of myself. Sophie is a great teacher! Thank you Sophie!

Nazia Ali

I have currently started the level 2 TA course and I am finding it very interesting. Having been out of work for over ten years I am very grateful for this opportunity. The course is running in my local school which my children are at which makes it very easy and practical for me. I look forward to my lessons. It is a lot less stressful than attending college. I have learnt a lot about working with children and how a school environment works. So far it has been a real eye opener!


Noreen Akhtar – Welford School

Noreen has been coming to AEB classes since the beginning of the academic year when we first started providing AEB in schools. Since last September, she has continued with each new and exciting course we have offered to learners at the school and now has many certificates under her belt. Some of these include, Functional Skills Entry Level 3 Math’s, Safeguarding, Substance Misuse, Personal and Social Development, and has most recently begun the Mental Health in Children certificate.

Noreen started coming to the classes to develop her own knowledge and learn new things, she is always punctual and her attendance to sessions is excellent. She participates in discussions and is always willing to share her ideas with the group to extend the learning experience.


Khalede Azizi – Manor Park School

Khalede joined the Functional Skills Entry Level 2 English and Math’s groups at the school when they were advertised at the beginning of the year. She wanted to improve her English skills and refresh her math’s knowledge.

Khalede is always enthusiastic and encouraging towards the other learners, she has made many friends within the group since she started the course. She has recently completed the Entry Level 2 Math’s and English with high scores and has continued to the Entry Level 3 English to further develop her skills in speaking and writing. Khalede participates in sessions and shares her ideas with the group to support her own, as well as others, development. She is keen to learn and asks for extra support or handouts to take home, so she can practice her skills further outside of the sessions.


Khadra Abdullahi

When I first started the childcare course, it was daunting because I hadn’t done any courses since college. However, I soon felt at ease and the teacher named Danny was very helpful and very informative. He was always there to help you if you needed help. The mental health course was even more informative and helpful hence I have three children who suffer from autism. Overall the venue itself was more helpful since my son goes to that school. In general, I am very happy with my experience with Eagles consultancy and I would recommended them to friends and relatives.


Zuzana Solcanska

I enjoyed my level 2 course a lot. It was a lovely experience to work with children and do my qualification at the same time. This year is even more interesting, I am doing lots of activities with children while my tutor is observing me, this gives me the chance to do more with children in different rooms too. My tutor is very supportive, so if I have any kind of problems I can get help anytime. I am really enjoying doing my qualification.


Chantelle Dunkley

My experience on the course has been enjoyable and I’ve learnt a lot that I never knew before. I have found the course helpful and interesting (safe guarding, health & safety). Danny has been very helpful and patient and I’ve enjoyed coming to the course.


Kirsty Groves

On this course I’ve learned that you never know the answers to everything and that I’ve learned some new meanings that I never knew. The course has been a fun course and we have all the support if we need it.


Tasleem Ahktar

I like this course because it gives me more knowledge of caring for children. It helps me with my confidence. I improved my confidence a lot. I learnt about child behaviours. The teacher is very friendly and makes us understand easily. I will be very happy to carry on another course.


Nazia Nassim

Overall, from the beginning, I have personally developed gaining confidence in every aspect, which I had not realised. Cognition was an eye opener, also attachment theories became one of the most important parts for me to become able and allowing to believe in myself. Confidence level has been a major boost for myself and although the other members of the group were not known to each other, by the time we reached the end of our course we all became very good friends and supported each and everyone in the group. This course has inspired me to gain confidence in being able to learn and enjoy with no pressure or deadlines. Any concerns during the course were always dealt with in a lovely and professional manor and I would like to thank everyone who has helped me along in this course and made me into the person I have become. Thank you again.